Rebecca Sirman

Favorite Quote:

“Where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be.” Not sure where I heard this, but it is a good reminder that life is a journey, and everything happens when and how it is meant to happen.

Greatest Lesson from your Mat?

Balance- in so many ways. Not only balancing family, work, social, & fitness- but also that life itself requires balance. That without darkness, there is no light, and in order to truly appreciate the good times you have to also appreciate and learn and grow when things get tough.  And also that it is okay to not be perfect and for life to not be perfect- just because things are tough right now doesn’t mean that the world is over.



Artists Most Likely Heard in your Class?

My playlists range from Hozier and the Lumineers to Imagine Dragons and Lady Gaga, and you might even catch some Lion King during Sun Salutations. My go to jam (although I haven’t used it in yoga) is Laid by James

Off the Mat Favorites:

Running, paddling, boating, riding my beach cruiser along Coastal Highway, or bouncing around the country working as a flight attendant. I also love spending time with my niece and nephews, my boyfriend, and my friends!