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Rebecca Sirman

“Where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be. Life is a journey, and everything happens when it is supposed to happen. So enjoy where you are, learn from the unpleasant, enjoy the pleasant, because you will only be there once.”

An avid marathon runner and triathlete, Rebecca was originally driven to yoga as a way to increase flexibility and prevent injury. Once she arrived on her mat, however, she found inner peace and felt inner peace, compelling her to deepen her practice and further explore the discipline. Rebecca’s classes focus heavily on mindfulness, breath, and presence. Her pacing is powerful, yet steady, allowing you to maintain a calm and quiet mind. Outside the studio, you can catch Becca surfing, boating, running, spending ample time with friends and family, or leading yoga teacher trainings. 


Fun Facts:

Guilty Pleasure: Cookies. Brownies. Donuts. Ice Cream. But in the sandwich form.
Soul Song: Africa- Toto
Spirit Animal: Laurel

Rebecca’s Class Schedule: