Kat Bio.jpg

Kat Wyman

(Founder/ Owner)

Favorite Books:

 "The Alchemist"- Paulo Coelho

"Sum it Up"- Pat Summitt.  I'm a former basketball player, and current sports and coaching junkie. There isn't a better coach out there, then coach Summitt.

"The 4 Agreements"- Don Miguel Ruiz.  The single most impactful book I've ever read. If you are looking for a book to simplify your life, and give you 4 simple principles to live by, look no further.

Teaching Style

If SoulCycle and Brene Brown, had a Baptiste inspired yoga baby, it would be my class. Expect a high energy, fun class, sprinkled with nuggets from my own personal journey. I truly believe, "the way you are on your mat, is the way you are in life" so I love sharing, and bringing it all together. You can for sure expect to get sweaty, and even want to dance a little to most of my playlists.

Greatest Lesson From Your Mat:

I can't even count the incredible lessons I've learned from a 3x6' piece of rubber. But the first one that comes to mind, "The way you do one thing is the way you do everything." Late to your mat, you're probably late somewhere else in life. Resisting a pose? Chances are that resistance is showing up somewhere else. Afraid to try handstand? That fear is showing up somewhere else as well. There's something both magical and cathartic about the space that my mat holds in relation to my life.



Artists Most Likely Heard in Your Class:

Alt-J, Alison Wonderland, Cardi B. I'm a lover of music, and personally, I listen to absolutely everything. In my classes, I love to both create energy, and push the edge with my playlists. You could 100% hear both, Drake and Krishna Das on the same playlist.

Feel good jam? Wilson Phillips- Hold On. Go ahead, laugh, but you just try and not smile when that song comes on, I dare you!

Off the Mat Favorites:

Nature and adventure speak to my soul. So there's a solid chance that you'll find me outside. In the park, at the ocean, biking, running (love ultra distance), skating, anything to catch some fresh air and sunshine. On Sundays, you could place money on that fact that I'll be at Starboard, with my wife, enjoying a crush and an omelette. Hanging out with my wife (probably at a local brewery). Chasing around our two Boston Terriers. Working out. Reading. Drinking coffee. Paddle-boarding. Loving life.