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Brooke Wyman



Paint a picture of your teaching style.

My training is in Baptiste, I’ve always connected to the powerful sequence and space for growth on and off the mat. I’m most inspired as a teacher watching people find their own inner badass on the mat so I’ll take you to the edge and be your biggest cheerleader along the way! I think I’ve heard a time or two I may say “Flow” too many times, so looking for Chaturanga arms? I got you:)


I’m a ritual addict. No really, I find rituals to be so important to creating balance in my life. Daily rituals include French press coffee(as black and dark as possible), meditation, palo santo, angel cards and journaling. New and Full moon manifesting. OH and the VERY important Sunday ritual of going to Starboard for brunch post yoga (Fun Fact: Kat and I have gone to Starboard every Sunday for 2+ years, join us for a Crush)



Artist most likely heard in your class:

I absolutely love creating energy in my classes through music. If you want to find Soul Cycle on your yoga mat, come flow with me. Right now I’m obsessing over Alison Wonderland & Khalid. Other favorites- Ella Voss, Maggie Rogers, Alt-J, Marshmello, any new Remix.  Go to feel good jam- Lumineers, always, hearing them instantly takes me back to the most magical concert at Madison Square Garden.

Off the mat favorites:

Hitting the beach with our crazy Boston Terriers (Stella + Lola), visiting breweries- craft beer obsession, beach cruising along the trails, live music, browsing bookstores and Homegoods, crystal shopping, working at Striper Bites, no agenda- adventure days with my wife